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For over 20 years Blackline has built a reputation for the highest quality and is widely recognised as the Turkey’s leading independent shower enclosure manufacturer. Designed in house by our specialist technical team, every Blackline’s product is hand built in our own factories by dedicated staff, tested to the highest European standards and are individually inspected before leaving us to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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You can find below the shower enclosures that we supply. As a manufacturer of shower enclosures, we provide high quality and different types of shower enclosures.


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About Our Shower Enclosures

In Turkey we’ve been providing shower enclosures for years. Our main target is that serving the best quality at competitive and affordable prices to make the customer happy with us. Bathrooms, one of the most important places of living areas, are also very important to be functional as well as hygienic. One of the most important bathroom items that provide this functionality of the bathroom is also shower cabins. The shower cabins remain the heat level of the environment by preventing water splashes during the bathroom in the bathroom. It also helps the bathroom has a decorative appearance. The shower cabin is also designing useful shower cabins suitable for the properties of the bathrooms taking into account these situations. In this way, spacious and hygienic living areas are formed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a shower cabin?

The developing technology and changing lifestyle are designed in accordance with the shower, spacious and hygiene living areas are provided. The manufacturer of the shower cabin is a quality and safe production by taking care of these situations. In this way, users benefit from many advantages of using shower cabin. In general, these advantages of using shower cabin are as follows.

  • It is produced in accordance with each bathroom using different styled, dimensions and colors. In this way, users are easy to reach the product.
  • The shower protects privacy because they are produced as having a closed mechanism. This also allows the bathroom to use the bathroom by two people.
  • Shower cabins prevent water splashes. This situation facilitates the cleanliness and maintenance of the bathroom.
  • The bathrooms have a modern appearance. It contributes to a modern and functional bathroom view by adapting to other bathroom goods and accessories in the bathroom.
  • The bathroom allows more tidy to stop. Because when taking a bath, the shampoo used in batch of products such as soap stops.
  • It provides a long-lasting bathroom use for protecting the bathroom with water.
  • External factors resistant raw materials in the production of shower cabin are used for a long time.

Users can only be able to live a seamless bathroom experience with the above advantages but thanks to the selection of a correct shower cabin. In this regard, users are needed to choose from professional manufacturers to choose from shower cabin.

What is the importance of shower in bathroom decoration?

It is also very important that a bath is useful next to being hygienic. The shower cabins are an important bathroom which provides this situation. These products are also very important in terms of bathroom decoration, also adapt to each location as they are produced in forms by the shower cabin manufacturer. There are some considerations to be cared for decoration when positioning the shower cabins in the bathroom. Users can combine the correct decoration elements and design spacious, aesthetic and hygienic areas along with shower cabins. Overall these considerations are as follows.

  • The size and shape of the bath should be selected in the choice of shower cabin. If you have a small bath, no trayless model should be preferred.
  • A product must be selected in the order of dominating colors and items in the bathroom.
  • The products that can save space should be given the preference to be preferred. Both this situation will prevent a bulky view.
  • Patterns of the bathroom to provide aesthetic integrity of the bath should be given the selection of shower cabin.
  • Other bathrooms contained in the bathroom should be given in harmony with its accessories and accessories.
What are the things to be considered when selecting the shower enclosures?

There are some situations that users should pay attention to their homes while buying shower cabins. When using a shower cabin, users should choose a shower cabin suitable for the size of the bathroom. For example, the product with a sliding door for small bathrooms should be preferred. In addition, oval or square shower cabins should be preferred. The bathroom should be selected suitable for the colors and shape of the bathroom. The area where the shower cabin is to position, the mold must be fully positioned. In addition, the materials used in the construction of the shower cabin should be corrosion resistant. Other than these, it should be noted that products made of stainless material. Quality tempered glass material should be preferred for the windows of the shower cabins. To ensure that the bath hygiene and aesthetics should be emphasized to choose no lime.

Firms with a shower cabin manufacturer produce various showers in accordance with each living area and budget.

What are the varieties of shower cabin?

According to the specials of the bathrooms in the market, different varieties of shower cabins are produced. In general, the shower cabins are divided into two groups of trays and without trays. Acrylic or abs material can be used in the construction of the shower in the trays. These cabins have a height of 4-5 cm. These models are generally preferred for large bathrooms. The shower cabins produced without a boat are called the ground zero shower cabin. In this shower's model, the interior floor is carried on the inner floor at the tiles or marble construction stage and the inner floor is inserted into the siphon. The ground is carefully insulated to the edges of the shower cabin. The shower cabins also have different door opening options according to the areas they use. These cabins produced as a single, double, three walls are mounted according to their features. These shower cabins also have different door opening properties according to the properties of the space. Sliding, foldable and normal pop-up. In general, the shower is the manufacturer of shower in different forms in different forms of shower cabins to create spacious and hygienic areas. It also attaches importance to producing different products to serve each budget and taste.

How is the measure of shower cabin is taken?

Those who want to go to change in their bathrooms, they can design hygienic and spacious areas thanks to the shower cabins. But users are very important to select the correct product. The measure of these shower cabins can be easily taken. First of all, people should begin to measure the area from the corner areas of the area where they will position the shower cabin. If this is necessary to explain the situation with an example; The measure of the section in which the shower is 100 cm in the measure of the section where the shower is 100 cm. The measure of the right side is 90 cm, 90 cm should be considered 90 cm. The dimensions taken between the two walls of the shower cabins should be taken from 3 points. The upper part of the area where the field of shower is located 140 cm, the middle part 140.1 and the lower part 140.2 must be 139.9 cm in order to fit the shower in the area. When the dimensions are taken care of these issues and the adjustable sewing structures of the shower can be easily installed in the fields of shower cabins. Nevertheless, it will facilitate the creation of seamless habitat areas that people want to observe the shower cabin.

How are the prices of shower cabin prices determined?

Today, shower cabins are produced in accordance with each decoration and tastefully. These products are important in the name of bathroom decoration in recent years; CompACK is produced using materials such as polystyrene and glass. These products have a sliding, hinge with a bathtub, and is located in the new generation decoration products group. Prices of shower cabins differ according to their properties and model purchased. The fact that the showerians are made of pleski or glass, the thickness of the preferred glass and the property is the most important elements of the price. Firms with a shower cabin manufacturer produces products suitable for each venue and budget with these elements.

What are the firms that perform the production of shower cabin?

One of the most time spent areas in living areas are the suspected bathrooms. Therefore, the bathrooms must be both useful and hygienic. The shower cabins provide these cases when used in the bathrooms with the right preferences. Our company, which is a shower cabin manufacturer, also realizes the production and sales of these products in a professional manner. Our company's shower cabin prices; The size of the products is determined in different price ranges according to the material and functionality used in the production. Our company has reached each user. Our company carries out in accordance with all tastes and budget, provides a safe service. You can also choose us if you want to create comfortable living areas.

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