How Do I Choose the Right Walk In Shower Enclosure?

If you’re considering installing a new shower enclosure, there are some basics to consider. The most frequently asked question on the internet by those who want to install a new shower system is how Do I Choose the Right Walk In Shower Enclosure? Before installing a or choosing a new walk in shower enclosure, you absolutely need to learn ropes first.

You must make a few observations before you can start choosing the style that’ll suit you best. When it comes to the walk in shower models, things can be a little bit confusing.

The walk-in showers have become a very popular option for bathroom remodelers recently. 

Also it’s not that surprising as most people prefer to take a shower rather than a bath. If you are still wondering and asking yourself ”How Do I Choose the Right Walk In Shower Enclosure?” then this article might be perfect for you.

Best Types of Shower Enclosures in 2021
Best Types of Shower Enclosures in 2022

How Do I Choose The Right Walk In Shower Enclosure?

If you are asking yourself ”How Do I Choose the Right Walk In Shower Enclosure?” Here are a few tips. Actually it’s really easy. All you need to do is a little search. We are here to help. Our brand has been providing the best walk-in showers for ages and has become one of the most popular shower enclosure brands in Turkey and also in Europe. We are very proud to double up your showering experience and with our great product range, you can rely on us.

First you need to decide if you would really like a walk in shower . Once you’ve made a decision, you will then need to think about your bathroom design, shape and position. There are 3 main types including recessed, corner and floating.

Recessed Walk In Shower

These types can fit into an alcove and are ideal for replacing a bath. These models have a single glass to allow left or right entry. Available in a variety of profile and arm finishes. The arm can be attached to the wall easily.

Corner Walk In Shower

These types can fit into any corner of the bathroom and can replace a standard shower enclosure such as a quadrant. That makes it very usual and handy. This type comes with two glass screens. The arm can be fitted to the wall easily.

Floating Walk In Shower

These types create a very stylish and impressive look and.These models most important feature is, it allows entry from both sides. It features floor-to-ceiling posts on a single glass panel.

What Are The Advantages Of Walk In Showers

Walk-in showers have many advantages and are suitable for all types of bathrooms. Even for the odd ones. Also, it is a great advantage to add contemporary style to your bathroom.

Great for small bathrooms

Walk in showers are ideal for small bathrooms as they help create more space.

Ideal for people with disabilities or low mobility.

Walk in shower has a remarkable feature for people with disabilities and low mobility. The doorless and step-free design makes a walk in shower a great choice for those with limited mobility and the elderly people.

Creates a huge space

If you install a shower cabin without a tray, the layout will offer you more flexibility. With a single glass, your bathroom appears larger, allowing you to see your bathroom bigger and brighter. It is perfect for small bathrooms where space is small and there is no light.

High Quality Design

Shower cabin without minimum hardware and moving parts, gives you the opportunity to use it for a lifetime.


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