Shower Enclosure Turkey

Shower Enclosure Turkey

Suppose you’re looking for an ideal solution to provide beautiful showers and pleasant moments of relaxation. In that case, the shower enclosure Turkey combines the shower’s functionality with the waves of well-being evoked by water jets. The ease and health benefits offered by the shower enclosure Turkey can meet all the needs of those who love to take care of their body through an actual wellness center.

Turkish shower enclosures are carefully designed and produced by the best designers. Our shower enclosures are a product with a modern and futuristic look; they combine with all kinds of interior and bathroom furniture and add a privileged touch.

The shower enclosures of different shapes and sizes produced by our company allow the structure to position angled or unilaterally, offering the opportunity to be installed in any bathroom, from the largest to the most restricted. Steam therapy functions at lower temperatures than conventional saunas, making the shower enclosure Turkey very useful for respiratory tract health.

Modern and Affordable Shower Enclosure Turkey

You can have our modern shower enclosures, which we produce in different colors and features, with good price advantages. You can also improve your mood by using our shower enclosures.

Chromotherapy, a proper alternative medicine, is at your service on the shower enclosure Turkey by mounting a series of low-consumption and excellent brightness LEDs on the roof, which you can activate from the practical internal control panel. The projection of colors given off by these lights can visually stimulate your brain, dispel evil thoughts, and have significant positive effects on your mood.

Multifunctional Shower Enclosures with Sauna and Jacuzzi

How about indulging yourself in a personal corner where you can relax in your home’s bathroom and relieve the tension of the daily hustle and bustle?

You can choose the most suitable solution among the multifunctional enclosures with sauna and jacuzzi that we offer online. Customer satisfaction is our first need. Our company is the right online bathroom furniture store for you. We combined the quality of manufacturing materials with affordable prices that change according to your needs.

Our online store has various collections, from built-in hydromassage shower enclosures to multifunctional cabins. The idea of ​​SPA directly in your bathroom becomes more practical, efficient, and affordable for everyone. Your bathroom becomes a place where you can relax and enjoy an individual moment of relaxation thanks to the functions of these modern multifunctional shower enclosures.

Shower Enclosure Turkey Features

Among the features of shower enclosures Turkey are the following:

  • They’re a true oasis of well-being. They fit perfectly in your bathroom as they produce in multiple sizes.
  • These are multifunctional. The classic functions of the shower combined with qualities and performance that we would typically only find in spas or the best wellness centers. Spending some time in your shower enclosure can also mean engaging in a color therapy session that uses the properties of colors to induce relaxation and positive emotions. But not only that, as we mentioned before, these shower enclosures will provide you with many other options.
  • You decide the type of water jet you will use.
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a good hydromassage shower enclosure in your bathroom. Of course, the price varies according to the type of model and the options included, but you can also guarantee relief at a low cost.

What Should Consider When Choosing A Shower Enclosures?

There’re a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a shower enclosure Turkey. You will need to consider the available space and decide what type of shower you want, such as a space-saving shower enclosure or a built-in model. With careful planning, you can install a shower enclosure in a small area and make room for your other needs. Revolving or folding shower doors are ideal for placing the shower in a compact space, such as between two walls. In addition to taking into account the type of shower enclosure, you should also pay attention to the minor details:

  • It’s a good idea to choose a product that has quick-release wheels (found on sliding and folding shower doors) as they make cleaning the shower so much easier.
  • Consider the thickness of the glass and whether the glass has a protective coating that is easy to clean.
  • Self-closing magnetic seals on doors are essential to ensure a snug fit and prevent leaks.
  • Covers and concealed strips hide fastenings to create a flawless finish.
  • Sliding and folding doors require high-quality rollers to ensure long life and smooth sliding action. Avoid plastic roller doors as they need to replace frequently.
  • Ensure the glass meets safety standards, then look for models that provide specific certifications.
  • Wall profiles and frames are available in chrome, white and black finishes to create a rhythmic pattern.

How to Take Shower Enclosure Turkey Dimensions?

When taking the dimensions of the shower enclosure Turkey, you should consider the height, width, and depth of the place where you will install the cabin. Be sure to check the correct measurements carefully. Here are some tips for getting the measurements right:

  • Consider the shape of the rim of the shower tray. If the edge of the plate is square, measure from the edge; if it’s round, measure from where the curve ends.
  • For a corner mount cabinet, measuring from the outside of the shower tray to the wall on both sides will be necessary.
  • If you have a shower enclosure and want to replace it the same, measure your existing cubicle and save time.

Shower Cabins for Small Bathrooms

Small shower enclosures such as folding doors are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Corner shower enclosures are also great for saving space and offer an alternative to a rectangular or square enclosure. The rounded front optimizes floor space, and sliding doors provide easy access.

Another solution for a small bathroom is to place a shower enclosure and a tray between two walls. You can choose a hinged, swivel, sliding, and folding shower door. If space is tight, choose a sliding or folding door.


Shower Enclosure
Shower Enclosure

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