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Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower prefers over many types of shower cabins due to its easy use and high safety. The walk-in shower eliminates the danger of entering a closed shower or bathtub and becomes an excellent product for individuals with limited mobility or disabilities. However, it’s necessary to consider all the needs of the user.

Walk-in showers come with customized components such as shower seats and grab bars to eliminate the risk of falling. Due to these features, it’s also an ideal product for accessible bathrooms. Although this product offers excellent benefits, you need to do a lot of research when choosing the product. Unlike a standard shower cabin, walk-in showers don’t bother with a standard shower tray or a wall.

Walk-in Shower Models

There’re countless and unique models of walk-in showers in Black Line. Black Line walk-in shower produces from 6 to 8 mm thick tempered glass. They can also produce using sandy, satin, smoked, or clear glasses. You can also create your design.

Many walk-in shower models are rectangular, hexagonal, or square (a curved wall isn’t unlimited). These can be adjustable and single frames, and there is also an adjustable support feature. You can play with the color or upholstery to make these products neutral or bold. While determining the size of the walk-in shower according to the existing floor of your bathroom, you also have a large number of decorative movement areas as a unique design. For the design, you can choose:

  • You can choose the color and type of tile for accents such as the floor, walls, and shower niche.
  • You can place glass panels or even glass blocks on one or more sides.
  • You can choose the shape. Geometries such as squares, hexagons, and rectangular lines are popular. But you can choose almost any wall shape (even a curved wall) if you have enough floor space. But leave enough room to walk between the new shower and the vanity or toilet.

Advantages of Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers have many more advantages over a conventional shower combination:

  • This product provides more space. These shower enclosure dimensions offer you much more freedom as the boundaries of any bathroom component don’t bind them. This also expands your shower, allowing you to shower more pleasantly.
  • It’s straightforward to clean the walk-in shower. Many corners make cleaning many different bathroom products very difficult. However, this product has minimal corners, making cleaning much more comfortable.
  • This product offers shower door options. You can take advantage of the fun advantages, especially in the products you buy from Black Line. You can easily choose your shower door.
  • Accessibility is one of the most prominent features of this type of shower cabin. Getting into the tub is very difficult for many people with mobility problems. However, this product eliminates the problem. It makes your shower process very smooth and comfortable.
  • A walk-in shower fits easily into any bathroom. In addition, you can customize the dimensions of these shower cabins produced by Black Line according to your needs. You can choose the size as small or large as you want.

Walk-in Shower Cost

Walk-in shower costs have an excellent advantage for homeowners who design a spacious one.

Also, walk-in shower prices vary based on materials, components, your additional needs, and more. You can write to our experts from the Black Line contact section to browse the prices and get detailed information.

Walk-in Shower Care

For walk-in shower care, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Before installing the walk-in shower, remove excess moisture from the bathroom.
  • To avoid losing shampoo, gel, soap, or conditioner, choose a cabin with an open bottom. Leaving such items on shelves or the floor can cause mold or sticky residue to appear.
  • You should permanently remove soap residue after taking a shower. You can use shower spray for this.
  • After using shower spray, you can wipe off excess water with any cloth. Your walls will dry quickly, and you will not have mold problems.
  • You should use a brush with stiff bristles to clean the tile lines together with the mortar. Clean the tiles at least once a week with a quality bathroom cleaner. At the end of the process, you can rinse with water.

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