How to Install Framed Glass Shower Enclosure?

”How to install a framed glass shower enclosure?” is a frequently searched question on the internet by those who want to renovate their bathrooms. The answer is very simple. Installing a framed glass shower enclosure is a task that anyone can easily do that just requires a little attention and patience.

It is so easy to install a framed glass shower enclosure. We ensure you, it only takes 1-2 hours max. You can have a completely new shower door, walk-in shower, shower enclosure or other shower option installed in a very short time.

Before get going, you need a spirit level, pencil, marking pen, hacksaw, drill, screwdriver, hammer, and silicon – and of course, your shower screen. 

How to Install Framed Glass Shower Enclosure

How to install a framed glass shower enclosure? Let’s find out. Good planning is required before starting work. It may be easy but it requires intense focus. Framed units weigh and cost less. Framed-glass shower enclosures are permanent and easy to clean, and have a sleek transparency that makes a bathroom appear bigger. Aslo, if properly installed, they keep water where it belongs. 

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 How to install framed glass shower enclosure;

Before installing part of the frames, you have to make sure they are dry and fit the bottom rail. Mark the edges carefully.

This will serve as a guide for the permanent placement of the bottom rail to be held in place with silicone caulking.

Use a level to make sure they are plumb and also dry. You can continue to mark the anchor holes.

Next, you should drill pilot holes for the side rail fasteners, insert anchor plugs. Then, use a masonry bit for drilling through tile. For proper attachment be sure to clean up any debris on the shower curb.

Continue the process with placing a thick bead of silicone caulking on the shower curb between the guidelines.

Make sure the side rails are in place and use screws to attach it. Use a little drop of silicone caulk on the back of the rails to make sure that water won’t seep behind the metal pieces into the floor.

Set the glass panels and the other vertical rails.

Shower Enclosure
Shower Enclosure

Once all of the stationary glass panels and rails are in place, install the top rail. Typically the top rail will fit over the vertical rails and snap into place. Install a screw at the top and bottom of each vertical rail to completely fasten the system together.

Next, install the shower door. Many systems will include the door and hinges already attached to the hinge side door jamb. Set the door assembly into the bottom rail and use a level to plumb the door to ensure proper swing and closure. Set the strike side door jamb, again using a level to get it vertically plumb. 

Then snap the top and bottom rail covers into place to finish the door opening. You need to fasten with screws. After you place the door in place, install the latching magnet or device and the door hardware.

Next, install the rubber glazing strips to hold the glass in place in the rails on both the interior and exterior of the shower enclosure.

A small piece of glass cleaner may be a good idea as a lubricant and a small wood block helps for stuffing the glazing strips around the perimeter of the frame.

Almost there .The last step is to caulk all joints where the frames meet the walls. Wait 6 hours for the silicone caulk to set up. Then it will be ready to use. 


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