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How to Maintain a Shower Cabin

Shower cabinet cleaning is unfortunately not one of the most enjoyable things to do, but it is just one of the household tasks that needs to be done. To be real,if you are hesitating and keep asking yourself how to maintain a shower cabin, it really doesn’t take forever to clean a shower screen or shower door. Doing it once a week to prevent the build-up of grime, soap scum and limescale deposits should do the job.

This build-up must be removed from shower enclosure glass, otherwise it could cause etching and permanent damage. Cleaning shower glass panels on a regular basis reduces build-up. 

Wiping down the glass after each use with a microfibre cloth also will reverse the etching. Those tricks and tips are probably the most basic daily tips for those wondering about how to maintain a shower cabin. Do not worry because there’s more tips to come.

So, if you’re wondering how to maintain a shower cabin then here’s the simple answer. There are so many ways to clean shower glass. You should just follow the tips given below and you’ll have a sparkling clean shower enclosure in no time at all.

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Tips for How to Maintain a Shower Cabin

1- If you are keen on cleaning soap-scum and limescale deposits of shower glass the you must use sponge, or re-purpose dryer sheets but has to be wet and scrub.

 2- A mixture of baking soda and water creates a super efficient and killer cleaning product. The measurements are up to how much you need. 

 3- To get started use half a cup of baking soda, add water and mix to a thick paste. Also you may add some vinegar.

 4- You should avoid using bar soap if you want to reduce soap-scum on your shower enclosure glass, simply avoid using bar soap. Switching to liquid soap or shower gel will be more logical.

 5- Regular cleaning is a must so consider keeping it clean after every shower.

What Are The Products for Cleaning a Shower Cabin?

There are various types of bathroom cleaning products at the supermarket shelves, which provide a quick and easy way to clean the shower and bathrooms. As they have been specially designed and formulated for this type of tasks, they are pretty neat and suitable for cleaning shower doors.

However if you are going for organic, there is another effective and convenient option to clean your shower enclosure. You can do all of these with the products you may already have in your kitchen or in your home such as vinegar and baking soda.


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