How To Install a Shower Cabin

Most people try to install shower cabins in their bathrooms by watching shower cabin installation tutorials on the internet but unfortunately this does not always have a happy ending . Here, we will try to give you the answer to the question of ”how to install a shower cabin ” in the simplest and most understandable way.

So if you are wondering how to install a shower cabin, then here we go. In a nutshell installing a shower enclosure is a pretty easy job. First, you need to fix the frame brackets upright to the wall. Then, you must carefully screw the fixed glass panels to the top and bottom of the frame. After you are done with the process, move the frame into place on the tray and install the sliding doors. Later, fix the frame to the brackets and seal up the outside. 

When it comes to installing bathroom features such as a shower cabin, the main thing is that you have to be sure the shower tray is fitted and leveled properly. The second main thing is that you have to be sure the shower enclosure is fitted once the tiling has been completed. This part is very important.  

Shower Cabin
Shower Cabin

This is generally the preferred method and is also the case for other bathroom fittings such as toilets, basins, baths etc as it avoids having to cut tiles to fit around these mostly awkward shaped objects.

The shower tray is the heart of the cabinet and must be fitted correctly. First, make sure the tray is completely level using a spirit level. Be careful because If it is not, then problems may occur during the rest of the process. So that’s why we are starting off with the tray.

How to Install a Shower Cabin Perfectly

Installing a shower cabin is not as difficult as it seems. You must learn the ropes first. It may sound very confusing at first but anyone can actually do it alone by following simple rules. It will be enough just to have some tool kit and basic equipment on hand. 

You may also find this tutorial useful.

Equipments you will need;


  • Adjustable wrench (acrylic shower trays only)
  • Bucket (stone shower trays only)
  • Claw hammer
  • Electric drill
  • Hack saw
  • Jigsaw (stone shower trays only)
  • Sealant gun
  • Spirit level
  • Standard screwdrivers
  • Tape measure
  • Wood chisels
  • Here is How to Install a Shower Cabin;

Step 1

Decide where you want to place your shower tray and draw the edges on the floor with a pencil. Then make sure to properly mark the position of the trap below the waste hole in your tray as well.

Step 2

Carefully and slowly cut a hole in the floor using your jigsaw large enough to fit in the shower drain. This will help the waste flow into the outlet pipe.

Step 3

Carefully open an access hatch to the floor near the tray. Make sure it is fixed in place in the first step. Because you will need it to access the space under the tray in the later stages.

Step 4

Insert the waste into the tray following the instructions supplied, making sure the rubber gaskets are installed on both sides of the waste opening and it is completely waterproof

Step 5

Use a diluted PVA solution. Then spread it on the area where your tray will stand and let it dry for a while.

Step 6

Now it is time to mix some mortar to a firm consistency in a bucket. You should apply a thin layer to the tray area and it must be a around 25mm-30mm.

Step 7

Gently place the tray on the mortar you prepared and place it firmly in place. To be completely sure, use your spirit level to check the balance from different angles. If the grout is still not as smooth as desired, you may need to level the grout a bit more.

Step 8

Spread the mortar around the tray and let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 9

While the drying process is in progress, you can access the access hatch and easily connect the trap to the waste outlet pipe. You have to make sure there aren’t any leaks.

Step 10

Seal around the edges of the tray tightly using the silicone sealant and the sealant gun.

Step 11

Now, it’s time to replace the lid on the access hatch. You’re now ready to move on to fitting the shower cabin itself.

Here is How To Install a Shower Cabin;

Step 1

First, start with the channels that will fix your panels to the wall.

Step 2

You will need a electric drill. Drill holes in the wall using your electric drill. Carefully, install the raw plugs and screw the channels into the wall.

Step 3

At this stage, you should have decided which side your door will be on. Now, take the side panel and slot it into the right channel.

Step 4

Don’t forget to install a door panel on the other channel.

Step 5

Both panels should be positioned against the outer edges of your tray. You need to fix them together in the corner by following the instructions.

Step 6

Now take your screwdriver and screw the panels in place using the fixings supplied.

Step 7

Now, fit the handle to your door.

Step 8

Seal the outer edges of the enclosure using silicone sealant. 

Congratulations, it’s done. Now, we know the answer of ”How to install a shower cabin?” 


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