How to Measure a Quadrant Shower Enclosure

If you own a quadrant shower enclosure and want to measure, you will first need to find the radius. Most of the quadrant shower enclosure owners are eager to measure their shower cabins and they go online just to ask how to measure a quadrant shower enclosure. Eventually, they are getting confused as the answers become more complicated. One of the reasons they are confused is that they think that they need to have a deep knowledge of mathematics. It’s actually very simple to do. 

Quadrant Shower Enclosure
Quadrant Shower Enclosure

In general, systematic answers are given to the question of how to measure a quadrant shower on the Internet.

In this article we will try to find a reasonable answer for those who want to achieve a neat answer for how to measure a quadrant shower enclosure.

If it’s a quadrant shower enclosure, first you need to find out the radius, and we assure you the way of doing this is a monkey business. Measure one side, this will give you the length, then measure from one side up to the point the line of the enclosure starts to arc.

Here’s How to Measure a Quadrant Shower Enclosure


You can follow the steps supplied below and measure a quadrant shower enclosure easily. It’s just a monkey business.

  • First, you need to divide each length of the frame into equal thirds, and mark these points with a pen.
  • Then, pin four lengths of string across the frame to divide the quadrat into nine squares carefully.
  • You can place the quadrat in random areas of a field and record the flowers square by square.

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