What is a Shower Cabin

‘What is a shower cabin?

Has been one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, especially by those who want to redecorate their bathrooms. In general, a shower cabin is a type of cabin that consists of glass panels so that people do not splash water while taking a shower. Briefly, a shower cabin is a cabin type with backing panels and tray. Also, with the help of these panels, all interior surfaces are impermeable and waterproof.

Additionally, some luxury shower cabin types include integrated features such as adjustable radio and TV system, apart from the shower system. For sure, ”What is a shower cabin?” is just not the only most searched question on the internet among those into renovating their home. Nowadays, people are looking for the perfect shower solution for their bathroom. That’s why a shower cabin may be the perfect choice. So let’s try to find a proper answer to what is a shower cabin and why you need to have one at home?

What is a shower cabin and why do you need to have one at home?

The people who want to make major changes in their bathrooms, go online and want to know what is a shower cabin. In a nutshell, shower cabins are similar to a washing machine, often with connections to both hot and cold water supply. 

The shower cabins, where you can easily access either hot or cold water, never leak out. Shower cabins, which are a perfect solution for those who are fond of self-indulgence and lose track of time while taking a shower, also do not take up a large amount of space in your bathroom.

Therefore, although the shower cabin system is a perfect idea for those who have small bathrooms, it might also be a great solution even for those who do not have space problems and want to double their bathing pleasure, or even those who want to listen to music while taking a shower.

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How good are shower cabins?

Shower cabins are extremely reliable and are never waterproof and leakproof if not installed incorrectly. They are also extremely practical as you can install them almost anywhere as long as they can be connected to your main water supply and drainage. You don’t have to bother to tile your walls or floors for it.

Are shower cabins easy to fit?

In general, framed shower cabins are much easier to install than a frameless shower cabin and blend easily with any bathroom model. Compared to conventional shower cabins, both are very easy to install. 

It is also much easier to install than regular-classic bathtubs. Modern Shower cabins, which are preferred by those who want to renovate their bathrooms or save more space, are more affordable than classical models.

With its aesthetic designs and modern lines, shower cabins that are easier to fit into small bathrooms are an ideal idea for those who like to spend time under the shower with their various features.

Shower cabins, which started to be preferred even in classical bathrooms with their easy accessibility and reasonable prices, are ideal models for those who want to have their bathrooms undergo a major renovation with different models and styles.

Do shower cabins leak?

One of the most common reasons for showers cabins to leak is related to the seal between the tile and the shower tray. In such cases, it is necessary to remove all of the silicone sealant and clean the surfaces. As the next step, the shower tray should be closed again and the shower cabin should be allowed to dry for 24 hours before reinstalling it.


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