Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant Shower Enclosures:

When it comes to corner installations, quadrant shower enclosures are definitely one of the most ideal solutions. You can easily install it to the background wall and also does not take up space with its folds. In addition to being more aesthetic than other shower enclosures, it offers more comfortable movement while showering. Also, the innovative design of a quadrant shower enclosure is well suited for small, irregular or L-shaped bathrooms. This enclosure also reduces water retention on glass and reduces the risk of molding.


The Main Features Of Quadrant Shower:


Since the front of the shower cabin is curved, it does not protrude into your bathroom.

Awesome for Oddly Designed bathroom layouts

Bathrooms sometimes seem too complicated with different layouts. A Quadrant Shower enclosure is always the right choice even for oddly designed bathrooms.

Artistic shape

A quadrant shower enclosure will be more sympathetic to your bathroom design. A square enclosure, will provide straight, clean edges and works better with more angular suites.

Offset option

If you have a little spare room, but still want to make great use , an offset quadrant shower enclosure could be just the job.

Less glass Less Cleaning

Rectangular or square shaped shower cabin has 2 glass partitions. Which means you do not need to bother cleaning up after shower.


Quadrant Shower Enclosures Are Easy To Install 

Speaking of corner installations, quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most popular and most eligible types of shower enclosures. Quadrant Shower Enclosures add an aesthetic flair to any bathroom model. In general, installations are easy and do not take up space. These models are generally a very popular way to install a stand alone shower into modern bathrooms .

Its posh design and impressive stylish layout make Quadrant Shower Enclosures also one of the best-selling types among shower models. Also, a modern blend of style and practicality these models are shaped to fit comfortably in the corner of any bathroom.

Also, a modern blend of style and practicality these models are shaped to fit comfortably in the corner of any bathroom.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures, comes up with simplicity and elegance for those who want to feel the luxury in their bathroom.

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Are quadrant showers good?

People who want to take a new fresh look into their bathrooms are wondering if quadrant showers are any good or not. The answer is; quadrant showers are ideal for those who want a round suite or a round bathroom. Also, Quadrant showers give the opportunity to save more space for those who design their bathrooms.


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